Pen technology has matured enough to date with more improved ink-delivery systems to write more comfortably. Yet, no pen on earth can capture the handwritten characters on paper and convert them to digital format.

Safe drinking water is the main scarcity after any disaster – whether natural or manmade. In many situations surface water is available but is contaminated with harmful diarrhoeal germs of diseases like cholera, typhoid, paratyphoid, dysentery, etc. If the water is not contaminated by industrial wastes and insecticides,

Game discovery is patently broken. This makes it difficult for gamers to find/buy quality games, and for indie studios to sell their games. ProjectMQ solves both problems by curating the best indie games from around the world.

It is New Innovation to improvement the Infrastructure Maintenance and Operation (Storm water O&M) and increase protectively, accurate result and quality of life,

The Hitchnic Table is the first ultra-portable picnic table that takes up no room in your vehicle and provides extra storage space functioning as a cargo rack. The goal with this project was to make the outdoors more accessible, and to make eating outside, a lot more comfortable.

*State of the Art, Novel Technology, Featured Project Development / Space, Satellite and Habitat, Power-Plant, Generator, Self-Feed Unit; H2O => HHO => H2O => HHO => Etc... *4 Systems All in One Unit, One By One, Plus Four-4 Projects added One to Other; *·1-Gearturbine, ·

Capable of encoding massive amounts of data into a package more than 1,000 times smaller than with standard compression, this technology is poised to revolutionize the use of digital terrain maps (DTMs) in restricted environments (e.g., tablets, smart phones, embedded systems).

Developed at NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center,

Every hospital's worst bane is multi-drug resistant microbes and especially Staphylococcus Aureus. They claim to have no practical, effective means of eradicating these microbes.

This souped-up system will do it easily. “100% effective” needs to be qualified. All microbes in a given treatment area will be destroyed,

According to eHealth, 550 million people have vision problems in India, 80% of whom could be treated if the problems can be identified at the early stage.

Key component for Fusion Deposition Modelling (FDM) printers is the nozzle.
Diameter of the nozzle is a compromise between deposition rate and printing resolution. Large nozzle improves deposition rate, while high resolution requires small nozzle size.

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