Efficient Rocket Propulsion System

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Jet fuel for propulsion uses hydrogen and oxygen as fuel. These elements are costly to produce and store, and cost human life and dollars of tech when something goes wrong. The problem is due to various factors like containment, expansion, pressurization etc. Hence I have come up with an idea to reduce problems in propulsion fuel.

Idea is, solid state reaction with gas can be controlled effectively so I have taken sodium as solid and chlorine as liquid converted to gas and product will be produced as solid state releasing energy not resulting in expansion but as light and heat.

This energy is exchanged to water at its saturation point of 373 K and expands enormously resulting in propulsion.

1 . controllable reactor
2 . effective heat transfer
3 . explosion risk very low for effective design
4 . product is eco-friendly.
5 . chlorine liquefaction takes place at a high temperature of -35 degree Celsius effective compared to hydrogen and oxygen liquefaction combined.


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    Aswaththaman Thakku Rajan
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