Personal Dirigible

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I have a feasibility study done on my personal dirigible, that shows that it is possible to build and fly a craft of my design. My plan is to have a sealed/pressurized crew compartment made out of carbon fiber that would have four hydrogen filled balloons for vertical take off & landing capabilities. These four balloons would be positioned with one on top of the crew compartment , one in front, & one on each side. Inside the balloons on the sides & front would be an extendable wing/spar structure to change the shape of the craft in flight to give it a more aerodynamic shape. With the intent to facilitate faster forward speeds than are currently available with current airship designs. The four balloons would be made out of a nonflammable material and encapsulated in a nonflammable atmosphere. This craft would be enclosed in a Kevlar/carbon fiber reinforced envelope coated to contain a carbon dioxide/helium mixture(non flammable atmosphere) The craft will be powered by either a duct ed fan or pivotal motor/propeller set up. Also in this craft will be a cable-stayed elevator platform for people to access and egress the vehicle without the vehicle landing on the ground. The buoyancy of the craft will be controlled thru monitoring the volume of gas in the balloons and adding or subtracting as needed. Through the use of buoyancy for vertical take off and landing without the need of a power source this should make for a safer to operate vehicle. Combined with a collision avoidance/navigation system to limit the possibility of impact with other craft, birds buildings, mountains etc. The plan is to have a craft to take people from almost any where to almost any where and do so in a timely matter. Safely.


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    Donald Yanzick
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