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I invented an advanced magnetic braking and ground maneuvering system for aircraft that implements axial flux motor/generators. The new system replaces the current friction based braking system with axial flux motor/generators eliminating the need to run the main engines or use of tugs for ground maneuvers, eliminating fuel burn currently required for ground maneuvering of aircraft wherein the innovative green technology makes it possible for aircraft to conduct ground movement with greater efficiency, economy, maneuverability, and safety with input from the flight deck under the pilots command and control with more effective braking and ground maneuvering of aircraft.

The in-wheel motor/generator is designed to be implement as a retrofit within aircraft that will reduce aircraft burn by up to 22% by implementing a safer and more effective magnetic braking and ground maneuvering system replacing the out dated friction based braking systems currently in use. The ability to pre-rotate the tires to match relative ground speed significantly reduces the impulse forces that the landing gear are exposed to and the jolt that passengers experience during a landing event and significantly extends the lifetime of these safety critical structures reducing the MRO cost associated with main gear replacement. By eliminating the heat source from within the wheel well the wheels do not experience de-tempering due to high temperatures thus reducing the cost of wheel replacement. Thermal loading from the heat stack migrates from the wheels into he tires causing them to balloon and stretch and over time no longer meeting the min clearance requirements for the wheel bay and are replaced.

Foreign Object Damage (FOD). Ingestion of foreign debris is significantly reduced as the main engines can operate at very low idle wherein there is the elimination of the need to generate breakaway thrust that can result in heavy sand inhalation thus significantly increasing the time before for Main Engine Overhaul.

MRO cost savings. By eliminating the replacement of worn friction based brakes (heat stack) the MRO cost structures for Airlines and Cargo carriers is significantly reduced by up to 95% of the current cost with significant reductions in main engine MRO cost due to less time on engines, reduced cycle times combined with reduced FOD incidence rate.


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    Steven Sullivan
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    I was exploring other uses of axial flux motor/generators. I discovered that the operational envelope for aircraft friction based brakes was similar to that of the axial flux motor/generator and was a good fit for the new application to aircraft taxiing.
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