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My name is Saugat and I am from Nepal. My project entitled “Modification in aircraft wing to increase lift” is theft from the engineering of nature seeing birds flying around the sky. Like humans, birds are the perfect engineering creation of nature.

While trying to think about the modification in the aircraft wing I thought about the bird's wings and developed a similar structure. I found out that the lift produced by such wings are better than the wings that the recent aircraft use. It’s because the highly pressurized air below the surface of the wings gets less area to give the lift force. As a result the overall lift increases. Using this mechanism we not only can increase the lift but also decrease the aircraft weight. Also, due to somewhat tapered structure, the collision of highly pressurized air from consecutive unit cuts off each other effect as a result the drag is reduced and helps to increase the aircraft speed. This mechanism also helps to make the aircraft more stable. In overall view it increases the aircraft efficiency. While talking about the flap and aileron need, some structural unit among them can be used as flap and some as aileron by making such unit movable along the width axis. I hope sooner or later this modification is made on the aircraft so that efficiency increases. This modification is simple and if successful can be revolutionary in the era of aircraft.

I checked this idea in a paper plane using one side modified wing and next the usual wing and I found out the modified wing provides more lifts. Here I kept 12 such tapered units for the experiment. Though this idea might not be liked by anybody but I will try to have research in this modification whether it fails or succeeds.


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