Comarc Robotics Quadcopter Wing Suit

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It's a bird, it's a plane, or is that a man inside a Quad-copter Drone. First imagine what it would be like to fly. Then imagine a person wearing a quadcopter or quadcopter wearing the person. Also imagine what it would be like to have a guide with you wherever you go and who can actually listen. Then put those worlds together in harmony for a smart device you can wear. Once you put it on, you will be capable of low flight or high altitude travel. An A.Q.U.S. robot you can control, "well that sounds like a computer," no, it's a robot. Comarc Robotics develops robotics system which can assist users with flight controls, navigation, and environmental data.

First things first, Comarc Robotics presents to you the Quad Jet Pack also known as the A.Q.U.S. Autonomous Quadcopter Utility Suit. This robot is voice activated and is commonly used for a personal transportation and recreation, a suit which can be used to perform various task. The all electric power makes A.Q.U.S. suitable for public, commercial, and personal transportation. Firefighting and rescue operations are just a few of the many uses for A.Q.U.S. to serve our planet

A.Q.U.S. is a sleek aluminum,carbon fiber water proof, body tight, light weight manned machine vehicle that can be used to accomplish the job in hard to reach places. The first of its kind is MQ-1, a low flight transportation unit. Second on the list is the RQ-2 for dangerous and heavy duty loads. And lastly the 3rd Star-Q Suit or SQS for high flight and Space Explorations. It relies on current aviation and GPS technologies. The Quad Jet Pack has a mind of its own and is sync to the rider via a voice control helmet. All gear includes safety pads for knees and elbows, Rubber soft Light Gloves for landing, a Flare Wand for night safety, Rubber soft land running boots, a Flight Control Voice Activated Helmet, and A.Q.U.S. built in parachute. Once soaring high in the sky riding the Quad Jet Pack turn down the motors, release the Glide chain to descend with ease. Just in case of emergency riders can deploy the safety impact bubbles bags which protects riders for safer landings


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