Infrared Optical Lens Protection Technology

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Our team has developed a thin film technology of amorphous carbon nitride, and applied it in the field of infrared optical lenses to provide protection for infrared optical lenses. Long-term research and test proved that the technology can provide effective protection for the infrared optical lens in the conditions of high temperature, high humidity, low temperature, low humidity and other harsh environment. It has superior resistance to salt fog, acid and sand, and can ensure 100% permeability of infrared light wave .

At present, the traditional protection method of infrared optical lens is the diamond thin film technology. But as diamond is hydrocarbons, with active hydrogen atoms and its inner stress, the phenomenon of barrier’s desquamation appears in practical application often due to ultraviolet radiation, high temperature, high humidity and other factors, resulting in unable to play a protective role. Compared with diamond, carbon nitride is carbon compounds, nitrogen atoms having good stability. Through a long-term study of carbon nitride thin films, I found it has a higher degree of integration with the infrared optical lens than diamond thin film and doesn’t produce the barrier’s desquamation.


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