EyeSafe Visual Inspection of Fiber Optic Expanded Beam

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Fiber optic transmissions are secure, fast and with limitless capacity. These are replacing copper and integral to wireless.

There are two types of fiber optic connections: the first is "direct contact" and is commonly used in data centers, fiber to the home, and long haul transmissions only to define a very few. The other is "expanded beam": this is used in commercial aviation, defense, and broadcast. The "expanded beam" is a highly 'ruggedized' connection.

Visual inspection of direct contact live transmissions is performed by a "video scope" that provides security for the end user: the laser can damage eyesight. However, here-to-fore, there has not been a safe way for the technician to observe the large connectors most-typically used in applications that range from commercial aviation to broadcast to oil field to warfare.

RMS-1 is a patent pending instrument utilizing a new "rotating adapter" that attaches to a digital camera. This new innovation provides 'field of view' never seen before for either direct contact or expanded beam. The instrument replaces a "jeweler's eye loupe' commonly used for many expanded beam which cannot be safely employed to view an active transmission.

The instrument can observe and capture images. The magnification is up to 1000x.

The instrument is an advance in safety and inspection and is "best practice" for those engaged in this industry.


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