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There is exiguity and lots of difficulties in alternative methods which represent satellites services and its implements, according to the high cost of sending and operating satellites. Specifically in the fields of Telecommunications, Research, wild life, Geographic surveying, civilian spying and cities security. My innovation idea aims to provide a sustainable solutions for using satellites. I provide a new generation of things that could work as satellites. NIUTS is just the name of my invention; it is simply a self flying object that could fly inside Earth's atmosphere for a long period of time during to Earth gravity and wind forces, other characteristics.

NIUTS is a self flying object. That means it doesn't have any kind of fuel or propulsion engine. It will be sent to the stratosphere layer with a special kind of rocket with velocity more than 2000 km/h and it will fly in an elliptic path with changes in altitudes and velocities due to special equations and laws.

I used a special kind of design of aircraft and particular mechanism to make this aircraft fly in the air for months without fuel, just depending on the stability of the air characteristics and climate factors in the upper parts of Earth Atmosphere specially stratosphere and using the gravity force Acceleration vectors (g)(gradient) and the stable flight characteristics there in addition to the initial propulsion of the rocket.

NIUTS uses its gradient in the direction of weak wind to provide its thrust like a glider bird, And using the semi-stable wind speed in the stratosphere to make its lift force with its wings, the Wings generate its mechanical force from a solar energy system which has high quality batteries that can be recharged for several months.

NIUTS Aircraft design: its maximum weight about 300 kg, maximum main wing length about 8 meter, it is lighter relative to its velocity and the other airplanes. Its payload about 50 kg, This design contains a control board with wireless tools to send and receive data from Earth, Motors to modify the control surfaces and wings, other parts, Batteries to provide power to motors and control system, Solar cells generate power from the sun, Equilibrium Sensors, special measurements equipment and camera, It is structure is made from materials which can resist high speed and friction and temperature from high quality plastic and high quality aluminum.

- Sending it to over 50 Km Altitude by using a special Rocket System, The Launch angle is less than 90 degrees and more than 45. NIUTS will continue in lifting while it moves on its trajectory and when it is in the direction of strong wind it will start move with a vertical component force with gravity and here with a certain Aerodynamics resultant "R" we can calculate the Angle of Slope and then we can make it arrive to greater velocity (Ve). It is the nearest to its initial velocity.



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