High Altitude-Long Endurance UAV MAY-21

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High Altitude-Long Endurance UAV MAY-21 can be used on global strategic missions for anti-terrorism and peace keeping operations. It can be operated during 26houres without refueling at altitude 18.5km from sea level. High precision guided bombs give UAV privilege to support Special Forces when it is necessary. Whole UAV designed to be manufactured using composite materials.

General aerodynamic analysis for wing and whole design carried out using Finite Element Analysis method. Result showed good Lift to Drag properties for wing and for whole design as well. Here are general parameters of UAV:

Length – 12.5m
Wing Span – 24m
Take Off Weight – 8000kg
Operating Altitude – 18.5
Cruise Speed – 950km/h
Flight Endurance – 26h
Payload – Up to 10 high precision guided bombs


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