SLIPKV (Surveillance Locating And Immobilizing Peace Keeping Vehicle)

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Surveillance Locating And Immobilizing Peace Keeping Vehicle is a drone which can be used for both lethal as well as non lethal purposes by the military or the police.

The functions that can be done with the help of SLIPKV are:
1. Surveillance
2. Locating (For police to catch the criminals like a needle on the ground or targets for military)
3. Immobilizing (Non-Lethal for police and lethal (small range) for military
4. Peace Keeping (During riots or civil wars)

It contains the following:
1. Camera(IR sensitive)
2. Flashlight
3. Laser operated wooden bullets or bullets and darts.
4. Solar panels
5. Parachute
6. Armoured body (if required)
7. Flash rounds for signals.
8. Secondary cameras
9. Counter measures
10. Landing gear
11. Flash or smoke or tear gas grenades
12. Spikes or any pointy thing
13. Surveillance disk
14. Magnetic GPS for locating
15. Small explosives
16. High powered 4 rotors


1. What problem does your design idea solve?
-Many purpose of defense in one as well as it has more duration capacity since it can be charged with solar power.

2. What are the potential benefits?
-More flight time
-All in one drone
-Helps to provide support to the infantry and police in conflict by using immobilizing and flash bangs or smoke grenades or small explosives.
-Helps in chase of vehicle and immobilizing vehicle by spikes.

3. How is your idea novel or an improvement on what is currently available in the marketplace?
-Every drone that i see is for surveillance but this provides support which will help in saving lives of our brave soldiers and of people of the countries by helping them.

4. Where would this idea be applied?
-Military and police department.

5. What is the market potential?
-Quite high due to low cost production.

6. How does your design work?
-With integrated and embedded robotics and mechanical and electronic parts.

7. How would your product be manufactured?
-Self with my team in other projects but if been seen as a product of value then by a company that I would start with the help of people I know.

8. How would the production cost compare with products already in the marketplace?
-Minimum 50% reduction per piece of production.


1. Improving quality of life
-By making it more secure.

2. Automating tedious tasks
-Due to its all in one quality.

3. Preventing or reducing injuries
-By supporting in any assault to our defense teams.

4. Improving public safety and security
-Will for sure.

5. Saving time and money
-Money sure but timing depends on person to person.

6. Offering alternative energy solutions
-Yes by using solar power as secondary or back up power source.

7. Reducing consumption of natural resources
-By using solar power.

8. Reducing waste
-At-least waste of money.

9. Bolstering the economy
-For sure but for my country lolz.

10. Enabling other product improvements
-Maybe or maybe not depends on what innovation they like.


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