Hybrid Turbo Supersonic Combustor For Turbine Driven Jet Engines (Turboscramjet Combustor)

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This is a new type of hybrid combustor for turbine driven jet engines which will utilise the convenience of using a conventional combustor to start scramjet combustion that will drive the turbine of a jet engine. The idea is that, after the jet engine has started by means of using the turboscramjet combustor’s built-in conventional combustor, it will then be throttled up by turning on all fuel injectors at high fuel injection flow rate until the compression and velocity of dilution air entering through the Dilution Supersonic Inlet (DSI) technology are enough for the combustor to work like a scramjet engine. Dilution Supersonic Inlet (DSI) technology is the name I gave to an idea which uses a shock wave inducing slit that extends halfway across the inside circumference of the dilution pipe which will work as a dilution hole during normal operation and as a supersonic inlet during scramjet mode operation. Once the scramjet combustor is turned on, the conventional combustor is switched off automatically by the configuration of turboscramjet combustor's architecture, while in any circumstances, the jet engine will continue operating using all the power and efficiency of a real scramjet combustor to drive its turbine.

To use a slit in order to induce shock waves in air travelling at supersonic speed is an idea I copied from one of NASA's very old articles regarding their experiment on induced scramjet combustion which I found on the Internet.

Also, my turboscramjet combustor idea is designed to eliminate any occurrence of Bernoulli's principle effect that might deteriorate the quality of combustion process inside it, as you may have seen or noticed on the provided diagram in my illustrations.

Furthermore, Integration of conventional combustor on scramjet combustor to start the engine in low speed mode, then throttle up to help start supersonic combustion in turbine driven jet engines justifies the name Hybrid Turboscramjet Combustor for turbine driven jet engines.

Lastly, this idea is in the concept phase and I am looking for collaborators, sponsors, and funding in the international community to build this project.


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