Relativity Principle Time Storage Camera

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The invention outlines the design of a nano-size camera that is implementable on a nano-scale electromagnet. The camera is fabricated using the infrared photodetectors (semiconductors) that are designed on a sub-micron technology. (The camera is thus, an infrared camera, because the visible spectrum would be too complicated with the optical sensor fabrication.)

The exoskeleton (itself integrated electromagnetically charged) contains this nano-size camera. The exoskeleton is placed in a transparent accelerator, that could be made the size of a handheld device. Switching frequencies in tens of GHz may be used to accelerate the camera and electromagnet exoskeleton.

This device can then be used to collect infrared imaging data, while the data is being stored and/or transmitted. When the camera is moving at speeds a few fraction of the speed of light, the relative frame of reference of the camera is in a different time scale than the time outside the device. Thus, we would be collecting information of the infrared imaging with a "future" time frame of reference.

This could potentially unlock the means to attain invaluable data with regards to the application of space/time causality, with providing applications in a wide variety of industries and products.

Most of the technologies to fabricate the device are in existence, and well understood. The infrared camera sensor nodes are implemented in a wide array of products today, and used ubiquitously in defense and similar applications. The MEMS technology and nanoscale devices are being designed and fabricated at a very large scale for commercial and industrial applications. The particle accelerators are very well understood, and scalable.

This invention serves to usher mankind in a novel realm of time manipulation and capturing time-altered events, even if offset by a small factor.


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