Flash® Bainite - High Performance Armor

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Stronger than titanium, lighter than aluminum, tested by the US Army to stop speeding bullets at record setting velocities! Flash® Bainite steel makes ars lighter, safer, less costly & greener.

With roots in the Armor Industry, Flash® Bainite is a revolutionary technology that creates “maximum strength steel” in st in trains, shipping, agriculture, buildings and more.

Flash® Bainite has developed and globally patented a rapid heat treating process technology for the 21st Century Steel industry. Flash® Bainite Processing creates an engineered micro-segregation of both chemistry and microstructural phase at the micron level. With low total elongation, Flash steels exhibit extreme “bend-ability,” minimal thinning, and high energy absorption having been formed into a dozen complex OEM geometries. Validated by Ohio State University - Industrial Welding Systems Engineering and US Army ARDEC Labs, Flash® Bainite Processing creates Maximum Strength Steel with unmatched formability, toughness, and weldability.

Costly alloying and time consuming, capital intensive thermo-mechanical processing are not required. Using low cost induction equipment, off the shelf steel is heated to inordinately high temperatures then quenched using a proprietary thermal cycle. CAPEX is scalable based on product size and throughput. Creating a paradigm shift in the lightweight metals and AHSS supply chain, Flash® Bainite is available for Mill/OEM/Tier1 licensing or “LRIP” purchases from SFP Works.

Dept of Energy has awarded $1.3M to SFP Works and $500K to Oak Ridge Nat’l Lab listing Flash® as “the next big thing” in “early commercialization”. Multiple OEMs predict lower costs than all other lightweight metals for vehicles. With record setting performance as Armor, the US Army ARDEC Report by Benet Labs / Picatinny Arsenal states:
“The novel FB process for steels has the potential to reduce product cost and weight while also enhancing mechanical performance.”


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    Work has been inspired by the need to provide safer, lighter, more fuel efficient vehicles that can be made at a cost savings to better protect families in their automobiles and other aspects of the transportation industry.
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