Quad-tilt Rotor

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The invention outlines the design of a quad-tilt rotor that is implementable on a large scale UAV.

Design explanation:
As the present Aerospace industry is very much interested in VTOL designs, this design is primarily designed for that. To reduce the fuel consumption we used the tilt rotors i.e, the thrust required from each rotor while take-off is equal to one-fourth of the weight and after transition (in cruise flight) it will be only one -fourth of the drag.This decreases the fuel consumption a lot.

About the vehicle:
Most of the technologies to fabricate the device are in existence, and well understood.
General aerodynamic analysis for wing and whole design carried out using Finite Element Analysis method. Result showed good Lift to Drag properties for wing and for whole design as well. I had already made a prototype of this design and currently working on the next prototype.The present present prototype is composed of four tilting ducted fans or turbofans (1),two backward swept wings (2),one vertical stabilizer (3), and the center fuselage(frame).

In the next prototype I'm considering to use ducted fans,fuselage(instead of the frame).And to remove the vertical stabilizer which means all the three degrees of the motion will be achieved only through the four rotors which is possible This vehicle can be easily deploy-able,can be easily assembled and can be easily transported.Currently I'm working on designing a autopilot for this vehicle. by using autopilot we can make a stable flight of the vehicle, way-point navigation,areal mapping etc.

This vehicle can be used in agriculture for spraying the pesticides, surveillance for prediction of wild-fire, security on border defense, areal mapping and many other applications where normal drones are used.

Industrial point-of-view:
Currently there is no such drone in the market with this design(up to my knowledge).This vehicle can be fabricated with a cost of 850$
1.Autopilot system(250$)
2.Electronics (including motors,electronic speed controllers,servo motors)(250$)
3.Telemetry system(250$)
4.Vehicle fabrication(Wings,fuselage)(100$)
While normal UAV of this type of applications is available for 2000$


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