Gas Turbine Performance Simulation, Analysis and Design Software

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This innovative, new software system provides aerospace design engineers with a Windows-based, graphical user interface for design, analysis, development and simulation of aero-thermodynamic systems. This software has the benefits and advantages over existing simulation and performance design software tools by enabling the design engineers to rapidly synthesize, architect, re-parameterize, simulate and analyze new aero-thermodynamic systems with visual components.

The software allows simple and rapid assembly of design with built-in detailed physics and aero-thermodynamic properties of the gas turbine components. This software significantly increases the ability of the designer / simulation engineer to utilize his/her creativity and innovative skills to architect and configure gas turbine engine systems from an almost infinite possibility of interconnected, move-able and easily re-parameterized components on a design pallette.

The complex gas turbine engine component equations are already developed, implemented, and ready for system design. The user simply uses his computer mouse to click to:
1) Select the components,
2) Drag and drop them into place on the design pallette,
3) Connects the appropriate inputs/outputs,
4) Utilizes the user-friendly window tabs to custom parameterize the components,
5) Clicks the Simulate Button.
The System results can then be viewed interactively during the simulation and after the simulation using Excel ® or other plotting tools of the user’s choice.

The three visual illustrations included with this entry show:
1) The software screen with the design and simulation of a Single Spool Gas Turbine Engine controlled by a Dual Loop (Turbine Speed and Turbine Exit Temperature) PID Controller.
2) The Compressor Design Screen with Performance Map.
3) Output plots of the simulation of the Single Spool Gas Turbine Engine from Start-Up through Speed/Temperature Control transient.

Features of the software are:
1) Configurable, Physics based models of gas turbine engine components including models of:
Compressors with maps,
Turbines with maps,
2) Ambient and altitude condition algorithms,
3) Gas Working fluid properties as functions of air/fuel mixture, temperature and pressure,
4) Control System Models, including:
a) Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) Controller
b) Set Point
c) Mathematical Algorithm Models:
* Trigonometric Functions
* Min/Max Select
* Signal Math (Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Division)
* Signal Multiplexer and De-Multiplexer
5) Sensor Models (Easy user-friendly selection of Sensed Parameters)
6) Actuator Models
a) Fuel Actuators
b) Electric Air Starter Models
7) Near real-time simulation
8) Visualization of gas turbine performance transients
9) Simulation Displays and Visual Scopes
10) Simulation data storage to file.
11) Easy file storage of user system designs.

This software is copyrighted, patent pending and is targeted for public licensed distribution for 4th quarter 2016. The first prototype is complete. Software feature updates and continued software testing are now on-going.



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    Paul Hoffman
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    I have a strong passion for gas turbine engine controls design and simulation. My vision is to create software and also hardware tools to expand the imagination of engineers for future aerospace and automotive systems.
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    Net Beans Java
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