Single Transit/Lander Hab Module

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This configuration allows a single design for spacious habitation modules for space exploration. A module can be used to transit space and land on an exobody surface. The crew then reconfigures multistory decks as required or desired. As many decks may be provided for maximum flexibility.

For all decks, mounting hardware can be relocated. During transit, crew can float and translate. Upon landing, the same habitat contains the elements to provide multiple stories. Concentric rings built into the bulkheads provide stability and separation during transit, but provides a platform to deploy decks which useful for a Hab lander. Tracks for decks are integrated into ladders, which are integrated into bulkheads, etc. This aids in lifting and positioning decking during deployment in a greater than zero g environment. This design uses at least two ladders with adequate clearance for hardware.

This concept does not increase overall launch volume, because all mounting hardware and decks would be present in any design for any length mission. If more volume is anticipated, the module can be made longer, similar to some long haul aircraft have standard body and extended body configurations, with relatively minor changes between them. The hab module structures could be designed thinner and lighter as they have to be able to sustain loads on final destination, but not launch or landing loads; this saves launch and transit weight. Can be disassembled and returned to an open configuration as desired for return.

A major advantage is one design is used for the transit and for the lander. This does not preclude use of any present exploration vehicle, the hatch design should remain compatible with any hatch anticipated for space travel. Another is that separate arrangements for manifesting supplies are not necessary, everything is on one lander. In addition, the transit vehicle has open space. Long missions will require larger modules than may be considered at this time. Crew health will be easier to maintain, as quarters are less cramped.


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