Long Range Ecological Hybrid Drone

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The project is connected with a new approach for drone range/operating time improvement by using an Ecological LPG powered onboard micro power genset.

The frame is contructed in a way that tubes incorporate LPG tank - shaped in a way not to influence the flight control. A spark ignition engine together with generator is located in the center to ensure a better flight control.

The energy balance is calculated in a way to allow a long distance flights without the necessity of using heavy high capacity batteries.

Project provides 2 possible ways of realizing the energy flow control - use of 2 separate low weight lithium battery packs swiched from charging mode - to supply continuously.

A limp home mode provides also a safe landing (avoiding sudden drops) -either with a clutched central propeller directly to the spark ignition engine (version 2) or directing electrical power directly to the engines through controller.

First prototype is considered to ensure a minimum 2h flight.

The application od lpg powered engine makes it possible to eliminate a negative influence of co2 emission without application of heavy exhaust aftertreatment systems.


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    Bartosz Flekiewicz
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    Lukasz Kaczmarczyk Szymon Kosinski
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