RALS (Reduced Altitude Launch System)

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Currently, CubeSats are launched into space using conventional rockets, which have to push through an extremely dense atmosphere and burn up a lot of fuel on the way up, subsequently raising the price on companies/organizations looking for a ride.

RALS, or Reduced Altitude Launch System, will be a reusable transport vehicle/platform capable of delivering CubeSats to a low earth orbit. This system will fuse multiple technologies together and will provide a cost effective solution for launching CubeSats to low earth orbit. Current weather balloon technology has proven to be a reliable and passive source of lift. Electromagnetic rail gun technology has proven to be a reliable and effective source of fuel-less propulsion. Gas-filled hollow I-beam technology and light weight batteries will further solidify the integration of all these great technologies.

This system will revolutionize space transportation and make space more accessible.


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    Jose Rivera
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    I want to make an economical and reliable new method of reaching low earth orbit.
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