ACCORD-Stinger & Roycebuilt Tractor/Semi-trailer

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ACCORD-Stinger Semi-trailer saving fuel due to “GAP” Reduction @ 422 gals/foot
Projected savings 1688 Gals fuel per unit/year just by reducing tractor/trailer “GAP”
Design adds 20% more cargo space, improves maneuverability approximately 50%
Will eliminate major damage to expensive tractor cab due to full jackknife
Makes for a safer more stable tractor/semi-trailer with longer wheelbase
Driver back pain winding dolly jacks reduced because of airride pusher axle
Patented universal d-TRAIN 5th wheel compound hitch tractor package
Patent Pending ACCORD-Stinger Semi-trailer
Integration with existing fleet

Roycebuilt Rear engine Tractor with d-TRAIN 5th Wheel Compound Hitch is
designed to complement the ACCORD-Stinger semi-trailer. This design is unique in this class of truck offering ease of servicing, is quiet silent running for a modern day tractor. Having a flat-floor is ergonomically advantageous, a cab for driver overall comfort and pleasure while on the road. Roycebuilt Tractors apply to all facets of the on-highway class Vll and Vlll transportation business and is a break out from the traditional way of doing business for this vital and strategic industry.

These designs are of an iteration that allows for integration with a minimal disruption while using existing tractors with a modified tractor package. The ACCORD-stinger semi-trailer is available as new or retrofit conversion potentially putting new life back into an extensive inventory of near new semi-trailers and saving further many millions of dollars. As a configuration the ACCORD-Stinger semi-trailer and Roycebuilt tractor semi-trailers has the potential to change the way tractor semi-trailers are engineered and spec'd the world over. In shipping, these ACCORD-Stinger semi-trailers are able to increase drayage 50% assisting port authorities in clearing the port of TEU,s at a faster rate than previously thought possible. For additional go to:
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