My Proposed Project:
5/8" Drive Hand Ratchet system with a 3 piece 50" long Telescopic Handle with a group of Hand/Impact Sockets.

This system is to allow a mechanic tighten or loosen bolts (or fasteners if no bolts exist) easily.

Bicycle is used as mainly short distance carrier. Speed of a cycle generally 15-20 km/h, if we pedal it comfortably. We can get more speed by fitting big-size front chain ring (with increase number of teeth of ring) or increasing rate of rotation.

Lithos Motors is an automobile startup that focuses on providing innovative, clean energy transportation for urban commuters.

At Lithos Motors, we aim at changing the way India commutes. The world will shift to clean and green transportation solution in coming years,

Internal combustion engine is the most efficient and economical on-road power machinery and maintains the dominant role on the market. Among them, SI engines occupied a much higher proportion on the light vehicle engine markets than diesel engine.

The Clarke-Brayton Engine has the potential for 55% brake thermal efficiency compared to 42% for state-of-the-art conventional diesels, is dramatically more compact than conventional engines of the same power, can burn diesel or natural gas as compression-ignition fuels and is less expensive to manufacture.

Currently ECU is used in cars to increase performance. This MechaSpark ECU is a LOW COST microcontroller based ignition system which increased the power output of engine and REDUCED FUEL consumption. This is can be TUNED to provide various performance modes such as MOUNTAIN-CLIMBING, HEAVY-TRAFFIC, OFF-ROADING,

The basic motivation of this innovation is to use hydrogen as the fuel of the engine without using a very expensive and bulky hold-up tank for liquidized hydrogen storage.

A water tank will be used as the origin of the hydrogen. 

One clear and necessary development is the replacement of the millions of friction brakes with kinetic energy storage systems on all sorts of vehicles: refuse trucks, shuttle busses, delivery trucks, and automobiles. Hybrid vehicles dominate in the area of regenerative braking owing to (1) motivation, and (2) easy implementation.

Many developments of hybrid vehicles aim to reduce power of their electric propulsion chain, obviously for economic reasons, but not only. We can also get a better efficiency by reducing the energy transformations and a better safety by decreasing the electric voltage.

As described in a previous contest session,

The cylinder diameter is typically a few times or more of the stroke. When the piston nears the end of the compression stroke, vertical ridges on the piston, in conjunction with almost mating vertical ridges in the cylinder head, effectively partition the combustion chamber into multiple combustion chambers.


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