Anti Skid Tech For Vehicles

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It is very difficult to drive on icy roads in the winter season because there is always a risk of skidding of the vehicle and this may lead to chain accidents. Mostly people cannot go outside to do their daily work in the winter season due to icy roads. But using this unique designed Rubber Tube, they can drive safely on icy roads and there will be no risk of skidding.

In this product there will be a flexible RUBBER BAND and some METAL SPIKES will be attached on the upper surface of this rubber tube according to the diagram. This rubber tube can be fixed on any size tyre of four and two wheelers very easily.

The size of these spikes will be only 1-1.5mm coming out on the surface of this rubber tube. The specific feature of these spikes is that these spikes will work as a SCREW so that theses could be replaced after scraping due to friction while driving the vehicle. These spikes will be replaced with new spikes after scraping.

When the vehicle will move on icy roads then these spikes will work to rub the surface of ice layer and due to this rubbing the vehicle's tyre will be gripped with the surface of icy road and there will be no chance of skidding of vehicle on the icy road and vehicles can move easily without any fear of skidding.

This rubber band can be easily remove from the tyres if there is no work on icy road.

The market potential of this product is very huge as this tube can prevent the chain accidents due to icy roads.


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