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Air-ROPS' goal is to solve rollover fatalities in the agricultural sector. Worldwide, rollover is the principal cause of death in the agricultural sector. This fact demonstrates that existing solutions are not enough and do not fulfill the job

Many of these fatalities are due to foldable ROPS, which are kept folded all the time voiding its safety function during the rollover event and fixed ROPS, that interfere when used in low clearance scenarios. Automatically deployed ROPS are independant of the will of the operator, remain in a confined volume that does not interfere day to day tasks and deploy automatically when the rollover is inminent. Key point is that the safety function is independant of the will of the operator.

Suitable applications are tractors, ride-on lawnmower and quad bikes.

Air-ROPS uses the airbag concept of the automotive industry to provide permanent, instant and reliable protection for the agricultural environment.

Thoroughly tested up to 1000 hours of salt spray testing, the structure protects inside the failsafe locking mechanism. Its unique feature allows the structure to deply in 2 dimensions, vertically and horizontally increasing the safety zone and limiting the vehicle rollover.

The electronic control unit monitors the vehicle movements, operator environment inputs and outputs to decide when to deply the gas generator in charged of expanding the structure. Developped according the industry funtional safety and environmental testing standards.



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