AWD Butterfly 2

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The designs are from a pen and paper and a little technical work for suspension and vehicle outer shell designs These designs are what I have envisioned, invented, and sculpted to hopefully stand out to you the viewer. The designs viewed closely may be useful to your job or business. theses are ideas I have had to follow up with the sensational AWD Butterfly the first. These designs have the interesting potential to set trends and standards in the business of automobiles. Enjoy!

Those First examples in the image windows is for a truck and convertible bodies design that are creations for the future trends that could exist. The truck cargo bed is at an incline for air flow such as negative lift, and also inclines to center the weight distribution for a lower polar moment of inertia. The convertible has a windscreen similar to a highs peed power boat and just looks good.

That second Image, in the lot, of hand drawn images;, is of a vehicle with width wide wheels folding at the center of the wheel base that has the lengthiest suspension arms I could dream vividly in my mind. The artwork could apply to those who find a unique perspective helpful.This could be a future touring car with substantial promise.

Thirdly this particular image is simplicity. The simpler it is the easier it is to imagine, and the simpler it is to fabricate. The image contains a wheelbase with moving arms that pivot at an inclined tip of the suspension arms, at the suspension pivot, making a leaning vehicle out it.

Coolly Remember to genuinely relax and enjoy the perspective I provide. Visualize with your imagination if there is any mechanical influence that can help you in your particular field.

Wishing you success,

Patrick Richmond Malone


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