Supercharged Engine Design

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My proposed Supercharged Engine Design incorporates a "compressor" cylinder (#2) into a 3-cylinder modular engine in which cylinders #1 and #3 are internal combustion cylinders. The engine is equipped with Direct Fuel Injection. The engine is "modular" such that two modules could be joined together to comprise an inline 6-cylinder engine or a flat 6-cylinder engine similar to that used in Porsche automobiles. The Flat 6-cylinder engine would be more compact and weigh less than the inline 6.

Through weight savings, high compression and selective cylinder injection, between 3 to 4 horsepower per cubic inch could be attained . As such, the result is a small lightweight engine with high output and high fuel efficiency.

Attached is a PowerPoint presentation on the engine design and applications. The second attachment is the Patent itself - which is a Utility Patent, not a Design Patent.

This means that the design can be changed to include spacing between the cylinders to allow coolant flow. Volumetric efficiency is attained through the use of a compressor (supercharger) cylinder - even at Zero pounds of boost.


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