Emergency Rescue Water Craft

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DelfJet is an emergency water scooter special created for lifeguards. The idea of this project started from the need to save the lives of people in danger of involuntary drowning, and to shorten the time of the emergency intervention in these situations.

Studying the life-saving systems but also the watercraft transportation that already are on the market, I managed to think and design an object that could travel efficiently and quickly through water being equipped with a rescue system, that can be adapted as required by attaching various inflating devices existing on the market.

This scooter main body is made out of thermoformed ABS-polycarbonate, the lateral handles are made out of stainless steel pipe, and on the top part of the superior housing is a cushion of silicone gel that has the role to attenuate the shock of travelling through water. Weighing about 30-40 kilograms, its power is provided by an electric motor using rechargeable Li-ion batteries. The battery autonomy assures 30 minutes of full power use. Using a jet-drive propulsion system, DelfJet is able to easily carry two adults with a maximum speed of kilometers per hour.

Since DelfJet is using electricity power, it does not pollute the environment. This concept can be an indispensable device for lifeguards, being easy to use, efficiently and ecofriendly.

This concept can make a difference in saving one's life.


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