Modular Multi-Modal Transportation Concept Vehicle

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This vehicle is unique in it's approach to be an individual mobility concept, but at the same time to combine inherent in it's design all the necessary technology to allow it to be driven manually in urban/ rural/ overland travel but also to be used in mass-mobility guided/ railed transportation systems. For that the design of the cabin is like a egg style as far as possible see-through capsule. This capsule need not be designed very massive for potential crashworthiness, as it can be protected all-around by an avalanche protection style airbag (which for a up to 120kg driver, 30kg seat and 30 kg electronics drive by wire installations doesn't need to be excessively massive). This capsule is attached rotationally to the chassis, containing in-wheel electric motors a battery back, inductive driving electricity coil/ hookup gear. The chassis' front and rear suspension arms are attached rotationally to it's center as well. Thereby the wheelbase as well as the angle of the capsule relative to the front and rear wheels can be adjusted.

This setup (together with an adjustable inner seat) will allow the vehicle to be maneuvered easily in an upright position with a short wheelbase in the inner city, as well as with sporty low center of gravity and good road-holding long wheelbase overland or on rails/ trails. The wheels are designed to not only allow driving on streets but also on (e.g. public) rails with high security and in platoons with other similar vehicles or autonomously in general. There are another three possible use modes of the vehicle for perfect and secure mass transportation purpose:

1. With the capsule in 90 degree angle to the front and rear suspension arms standing/ hanging vertically it would allow to be used on monorail hanging in the air rail transportation systems.

2. With the same suspension positions, but the capsule in parallel it could be parked very space efficient in high rack warehouse style parking constructions (e.g. up to 20 times more individual vehicles than in a today's style construction. This would be possible because it could be hooked up outside on a automatic platform and then rolled to it's place in the storage - thereby needing to maneuvering space nor full driving footprint.

3. The last but not least but maybe great side effect of the capsule design together with the outer airbag could be that the driver could easily survive heavy road flooding and/ or a tsunami like the ones in East Asia 2004 and/ or Japan 2012. It's size and shape make it an ideal Asian metropolitan clean and efficient vehicle.


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