High Speed On-Demand Pneumatic Tube Delivery Network

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tubeCanal is the next generation in high speed on demand delivery services. We are creating a disruptive technology that will radically transform delivery of small goods across metropolitan cities and wider distances. Congestion in our cities and inefficiency in current transportation methods demands the creation of a new delivery network. In addition, environmental pollution caused by conventional transportation vehicles like trains, trucks and vans has reached disturbing levels and are making a significant impact on global warning.

We are in the process of building a pneumatic tube based delivery mechanism (500mm in diameter) that transports an intelligent delivery capsule that carries small goods (mail, food, small packages) (480mm in diameter) at speeds of up to 100kph across the city. The initial implementation is proposed across a 15.08km distance, running along the Regent and Grand Union canal way in London, UK. Estimated time for travel is 9 minutes, thereby making this the fastest on-land delivery mechanism ever built. En-route, there will be 11 stations or stopping points that will allow housing multiple capsules.

The tubeCanal system will comprise of smart phone app, delivery capsules with on-board intelligence and control systems and stations with on-board intelligence, solar powered and capable of holding capsules without causing blockage to tubeCanal route. Essentially the process will involve a customer downloading and registering the app on their smart phone. Upon delivery, they will enter delivery details on app, i.e. recipient details (sms, email), destination details and information about item to be delivered. The goods will then be loaded into the delivery capsule at station, locked, loaded and fired at high speed towards it's destination. ETA information will be transmitted to recipient so that goods can be picked up at final destination. Sensors at 200m intervals along tubeCanal will provide information on capsules exact location. We are currently developing the initial prototype for tubeCanal and looking to raise finance to get an operational service in place as soon as possible. Our pitch deck can be read here: http://www.progenesis.plus.com/tubecanal/pitchdeck.pdf
Our website is: http://www.progenesis.plus.com/tubecanal


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    Nikki Campbell
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    Nikki Campbell - CEO Steve Fernandez - Head of Research & Developemnt
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    Business Owner/Manager
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    Creation of a New World that addresses a cleaner and safer environment where transportation of goods is faster and uses technology to generate efficiency.
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