Eco-friendly, Multi-fuel, Valveless, Camless, Internal Combustion Engine

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The project is under - working drawings.
The next stage - production and testing of prototypes.
1. Changing the design of the head unit existing engine.
Result - 2x magnification power without increasing fuel consumption.
Reducing the number of parts, weight and size of the head and the engine block.
2. Production of the new engine.
Torque 6100 Nm at 100 rev / min.
Power 5000kwt / 10000 rev / min.
Engine weight - 57 kg.
Maximum speed - 20 000 rev / min
Dimensions 870 x 440 x 440 mm.

Shehter Pavel
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Eco-friendly, multi-fuel, valveless, camless, internal combustion engine.
The engine consumes all fuels - petrol, diesel, biofuel, gas, compressed air, steam. Engine does not have analogues in the world.

Potential benefits: - the environment, fuel consumption, the cost of manufacture and operation of the engines.

Market - transport, aviation, rail, defense, energy.

The engine can be made in existing plants,
Cost of production of 40-50% lower than the existing ones.


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