Gemini Linear Electric Motor

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The Gemini Electric Motor & Generator was awarded top 100 Entries in 2015 contest for the rotating electric motor & generator, but there are other uses for the technology, including as a linear electric motor, for the usual linear electric applications, but this entry is focused on Light Rail and High Speed Rail applications. The easiest way to understand a linear electric motor is to think of a rotary electric motor that has been cut along radial plane and unrolled. The revolutionary and yet simple design of the Gemini Linear Electric Motor promises to become the world’s most efficient, and the industry standard. The Gemini Linear Electric Motor produces optimum forward motion power and torque by using both sides of the energised coils, and it does so without consuming any additional electrical energy. With the use of the Gemini electric linear motor ingenious design, the energised coils are moving along a “U” shaped channel with low cost Ceramic permanent magnets mounted on both sides of the metal channel with the opposite magnetic poles adjacent to each other, with alternative magnetic poles side by side. When the energised coils are energised, they effectively centralise the energised coils equal distance from the permanent magnets on the sides of the metal channel, they also have a levitation effect of positioning the energised coils at the centre position of the permanent magnets on the sides of the metal channel. The Gemini Electric Linear motor also has a regeneration capability, and will effectively turn the kinetic energy and braking effort of the engine and carriages into electrical energy. If this aspect is used, it would be necessary to provide either wheels on the sides of the light rail, or high speed rail engine and carriages or a separate magnetic levitation system. This can easily be achieved by adding flat metal strips at 90 degrees to the ends of the “U” shaped metal channel. These strips can act as a platform for the wheels or permanent magnet levitation system used to support the engine and carriages.

When the energised coils are energised they trap and centralise the energised coils, and unlike other linear rail systems, this is achieved by excellent design. In the Gemini Linear Electric Motor rail system, the electric energy is stored in independent batteries and is part of the engine, carriages component, unlike other linear rail systems which electrify all or part of the rail track. One of the problems with such systems is that if the electric power to the rail track is down, nothing moves on the rail track.


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