Wheels Used As Electic Motors On Hybrid Vehicles

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Hybrid gas-electric vehicles require the addition of electric motors to provide power to the wheels when the vehicles are moved on battery electric energy.

Electric motors for hybrid vehicles are becoming very small and efficient, Nevertheless, these motors add additional weight to the vehicle with the subsequent additional energy required to move a bigger mass.

Proposed Idea uses the wheels as electric motor rotor. Multiple tiny neodymium magnets are added to the lateral faces of the vehicle tires. And small static electromagnets are used to convert electricity into torque.

Main advantages:

1.- No electrical motor structure required, weight added is only multiple tiny magnets and small electromagnets.

2,. No additional friction looses on gears or bearings because torque is directly applied to the tires.

5.- High torque because large radial distance from axis to magnets on tires.

Software / control should detect magnets position to obtain maxim torque efficiency.


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