Auto Acceleration

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Introduction :

We can use the ‘automatic acceleration’ instead of manual acceleration in cars. The same way we use the automatic gear system in cars, this way we can use auto acceleration. Due to this we can make driving more comfortable and easy.

In racing, this concept may be very useful because in racing cars many manual controls are to be controlled by the racer at a moment. If we use auto acceleration in the racing cars then the racer does not need to control acceleration while racing.

The concept of the auto acceleration is very difficult to produce and implant in vehicles, but if we try for this concept we can make easy driving for not only racing, but also for day to day life.

How it can work:

How the automatic gear system works: when speed increases the gear shifts to next gear automatically and shifts to back gear when speed decreases. Similarly in this concept, when apply the brakes the acceleration will be decreased and when we left brake or remove the foot from brake the acceleration will increases automatically according to the transmission system (if vehicle has manual gear system).

Advantages :
• Easy and comfortable driving
• Very useful in racing cars
• A new thing in the automoitive field

Limitations :

In day to day life driving, we must care about the speed limits while system go for automatic acceleration. But there is not need of high speed. So, we can limit the speed of acceleration and apply the automatic acceleration.

In racing, because of need if high speed we can set a limit of acceleration according to need with considering the all factors affecting it.

Request :

I know it is very difficult to do this concept. It seems quite impossible, but everything is impossible untill it is done.


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