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My idea is to use hydrogen as fuel in cars. The idea is really very simple. We will use the chloralkali process to extract hydrogen from brine that is sodium chloride solution also known as solution of common salt and water. Once this idea is installed in the car, the car will run few meters with the power of the battery and later on a dynamo will provide the energy for the chloralkali process.

The basic idea is not to make a car run on a battery but run on hydrogen instead of any other feul. This can be done by electrolysis of brine and passing the hydrogen in an internal cobustion engine. The tyres of the car would be especially designed. They would have weights on one side on the circumference of their rims. This would enable the car to run most from the battery first. An ac dynamo will be attached to the axles which will later on provide power for electrolysis. As we know that hydrogen is the most flammable element so it will also be better than petrol or diesel. The maintenance of this car would be very cheap and easy as we can use any kind of water (even ocean water) as fuel. It would be cheap and fast as well. The car would be completely eco friendly as well. As it would burn only and only hydrogen so no pollutants will be formed. Thus it will be pollution free as well. The manufacturing of this car will perhaps be the cheapest amongst all. So it would be highly cost efficient for the owner as the car would be cheap to buy first and the fuel of car would be completely free. The only work the car requires from the owner would be cleaning of fuel tank after about a month or more.

The idea of using hydrogen as a fuel could be also used in bikes, airplanes and any other vehicles too. If we implement this idea then it would enable even the economically weak and disabled people to compete with higher sections. This idea can bring about huge changes as this would be liked by all the common people , the environmentalists and the industrialists. I am working on a prototype of the engine of this car and will soon finish it too. Since this engine would use non conventional sources of energy so there would be no tension for sustainable management of this energy resource. We could use this tech in making other energy sources of energy like electricity in future too. This electricity will also have same merits of being cheap eco friendly and many more. This could be the simplest and perhaps the safest idea to install in a car as if in any case of accident even if the shell of car catches fire but there would be no major explosions because the fuel would be basically water that never catches fire. this car would be safest, fastest cheapest and most eco friendly.


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