Heart Pulse Monitoring System to Trigger Automated Vehicle Breaking System

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Nowadays, developing safety systems of the vehicles is important due to the increasing rate of accidents. As a solution, the trend of biometric sensor based vehicle safety systems has developed. In the case of physical incapability of the driver, the situation is identified by heart pulse sensor and information is fed into a microcontroller. Based on the situation, a proportional force is applied on the brake pedal. When the driver returns to the appropriate physical conditions, brake pedal was totally released and facilitates the manual control of the brake. Heart pulse rate is different among individuals and therefore the heart pulse rate of the driver is taken as initial input. The heart pulse rate is continuously monitored and current instance heart pulse is compared with the individual’s initial heart pulse value. When the higher heart pulse is quantified, the microcontroller decides the output and sends a signal to the motor. The motor rotates by determining angle which results in applying force on the brake pedal and the pedal moves to gain expected distance. To gain expected results in controlling speed, the brake should push systematically during the required time period. The application of automated brakes occurs during a small period of time which may gain the advantage of minimizing time delay between incident and applying brake.The system mainly focuses on facilitating effective decision making efficiently on controlling the speed and ensuring road safety.


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