Highly Fuel Efficient Dedicated CNG Engine Technology

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Compressed Natural Gas ( CNG ) is available in plenty in over 95 countries world wide and many countries have started to promote CNG as an alternate fuel for both stationary and mobile applications. CNG as a fuel is clean, economical and has been in use worldwide to power vehicles. Nearly 71% of the Indian automobile market constitutes the 2-wheeler segment. It has been observed that there is a loss of 20 – 25 % in power when engines are converted to run from petrol to CNG.

The present research work has been carried out on a 100 cc bike engine ( includes theoretical, analytical, experimental and ON Road Tests ) to evolve with an engine technology that optimizes the fuel properties that could give far more superior performances than conventional gasoline and diesel engines. The engine design changes have been duly compared with gasoline engines under various design and testing conditions.

On-Road tests had been carried out using 0.5 kg CNG cylinder ( water capacity 5 litres) with a net weight of 220 kgs ( vehicle weight = 100 kg + 2 pillion of 120 kgs ) under a standard driving condition of 50 to 60 km/hr speed.

It has been observed that the 100 cc ( base engine ) gasoline engine gives a mileage of 60 km/litre of petrol. With subsequent design changes for Dedicated CNG engine, the engine cc reduced to 88 cc ( an 88 cc petrol engine gives a mileage of 45 km/litre ) with a mileage of 121 km/kg of CNG. This means a 2 times increase in mileage compared to base engine category and a 3 times improvement in mileage compared to the same cc category. The increase in power output and thermal efficiency was recorded 12 % higher than the base engine category. Torque improvement was found to be 11 %. CO and HC emissions have been found to be 40 % lesser than gasoline engines. NOx was found to be 15 % lesser with CNG.

The present work was awarded with a Ph.D Degree and the technology was witnessed and assessed by Professors from IITs and Foreign Universities.


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