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MyriaDrive is a lighter gear for performance bicyclists. By replacing the standard steel chain with a belt, we save significant weight. Every gram saved is worth $10 to a performance bicyclist. The value proposition is decreased weight without any loss in performance.

It is a transmission device utilizing uninterrupted gear ratios to increase energy efficiency in autos. In our technology, two belt driven pulleys synchronously act to expand and contract. This leads to infinitely gear ratio changes, providing the perfect gear ratio for every driving scenario.

With the device proven to work on a bicycle, the same technology can be scaled up to work on vehicles. We are creating value for automotive manufacturers for two reasons, the first reason being that the federal government has mandated that automakers must double fuel economy of new cars and trucks by 2025 to 54.5 MPG. Secondly, consumers are also demanding more fuel efficient cars and trucks. An increase in fuel economy will ease the financial burden on consumers to operate vehicles. Automotive manufacturers will buy Myriadrive’s technology because it will deliver an increase in MPG compared to regular transmissions.

Automotive manufacturers by law have to increase the MPG of their vehicle fleets. The problem is that Automotive manufacturers are becoming increasingly worried that they won’t be able to meet those fuel economy goals. Every .1 MPG under the 54.5 MPG mandate will incur a $5,000 fine per car sold. Myriadrive’s technology will increase MPG allowing manufacturers to avoid fines and sell energy efficient cars that satisfy customer demand .

With the groundbreaking developments at MyriaDrive, we will be able to change the way that bikes and cars are operated.



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    Dustin in driven to fix flaws that he sees in the world. MyriaDrive was inspired by a CVT that zapped power from the Baja SAE car. So he set out to create a better one. By learning and experimenting with every system, Dustin continues to push what is possible in terms of engineering, efficiency, and imagination.
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