YAX: Human-Electric Cargo Trike

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We are developing an adaptable human-electric trike that fits into our vision of cities of the near-future. Yax is an efficient vehicle for getting through urban traffic and carrying loads beyond a bicycle's capability. It also goes in spaces where trucks and vans can't go.

Key Features and Benefits:
- Wide-open deck platform with 600lb cargo load capacity. Maximum volume while still fitting within a bike lane.
- Raised rider position improves mutual visibility
- Pedelec throttle control that senses the rider's pedal effort to provide electric assist
- Integrated brake, turn lights, and horns for safety
- Tadpole trike configuration with two front hub motors for stability and traction
- Goes in reverse which allows it to move in tighter spaces

We’ve built two working prototype vehicles which demonstrate aspects of the vehicle: mechatronics system, movement modes, digital connectivity, frame design, and cargo platform.

Check out our video to see it in action!



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    Nicholas Wong
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    Making cities more livable, fun, and connected.
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