Licence Access Vehicle

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My project is about a license access vehicle. Nowadays you've heard that most of the road accidents are caused by rash driving by school students of age below 18. Though there is a strong order of government that those under 18 years are not allowed to drive the vehicle, students do not mind at all if they are driving the vehicle without a license. So to rectify this problem I have made a device called "license access vehicle." It will allow access only to the people who have the license. It works with two scanning devices -- one is for the license access and the other one is for finger access. A license access will helps to start the engine and the finger access will be used to open the lock. And, I also conclude that my project is not existing technology.


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    Rahul Shivakumar
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    To obey or to follow proper government rules by the people
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    MP lab and Proteus
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