Interactive Vehicle Security

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Interactive Vehicle Security is a new
Invention that uses multiple sensors already available and a few that are non automotive based and combines their uses to gather information about you vehicles well being or the state of vehicle/ customer security.

Some of the sensors used are:
1. Wheel/Tire sensors
2. Side & rear view camera sensors
3. Exterior explosive sensors (NEW) See Example #5
4. Interior Sync audible control sensors
5. Seat sensors
6. Interior and exterior
temperature sensors
7. Autonomous Vehicle sensors
8. Wearable Sensors

Interactive Vehicle Security technology will allow our consumers a higher level of security and comfort, here are some of the increased security functions:
1. Reducing Tire and wheel theft by using the tire sensor algorithm to alert authorities or signal customers of tampering.
2. Using the seat sensor, temperature and interior Sync audible sensors to warn us of children or pets left in a vehicle unattended and to also allow for the windows to automatically lower in high heat case scenarios.
3. Allowing use of the exterior cameras to monitor what is going on around your vehicle remotely through your smart phone.
4. Allowing customers ward off vandals through remote exterior audible warnings
5. Allowing a new explosives device sensor developed at Tel Aviv University, Israel to detect danger in regions of the world that are volatile and transmit the information to authorities. This would enable law enforcement to track where explosive devices are traveling in vehicle or on street level.
(See Professor Fernando Patolsky- inventor of Nano Based Explosives Sensor)
6. Security transmitter module that allows vehicle to transmit GPS and vehicle data in case of emergency or security situations
7. Autonomous Lidar, Radar sensors to detect oncoming vehicle threats
8. Using Wearable's to detect
passenger vital statistics for health related data, allowing vehicle to maintain
communication with individual wellness


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