Ergonomic Vehicle Side Mirror

Side mirrors are extremely common and mounted on any car, whether it is new or old. They are not among the optional features of a vehicle, mostly because their importance is vital for the driver’s safety. Their main purpose is to reflect the back of the car. Although it is more important to be attentive in front of you, paying attention in the back is just as significant. For instance, cutting out a different car implies for a little extra attention. Make sure no one else is on the next lane and the only way to do it is by looking in the wing mirror. The same rule applies when you try to park. It is imperative to know how far or close you are from specific objects before stopping the car.

Most vehicles have three types of mirrors and each of them has its own particular importance – towing, rear view or side mirrors. From this point of view, the side mirrors represent the most important requisites of a car. In some countries, you even risk getting fined if one of your wing mirrors is missing or broke. They do not just help you position or reposition the vehicle on a lane, but they are just as useful for your general information. For instance, having someone close behind you does not give you the chance to brake suddenly, as you risk getting hit. In other words, the more information you have in traffic, the easier it is to avoid accidents and other problems.

With all these, wing mirrors are not that complete. Practically, all the cars have a blind spot that may not be noticed in the mirrors. When you check out a mirror, you automatically see if there is another car by your side. However, there is a small angle between your vision and the mirror that your eyes will not perceive. Some manufacturers have already tried to develop smart mirrors to prevent these problems. The current physics make it impossible for now though. Other than that, the modern wing mirrors come with convex dome shaped glasses. The reflections are a little distorted, only to give the driver more visibility. Although your visibility is increased, the distance is often shorter than what it looks like in the wing mirror.

Mirrors no longer represent a safety measure only. It is true that they are extremely helpful while driving, but they have also evolved a lot due to their appearance. Since they look like small wings on the vehicle’s sides, they can clearly be taken for an embellishment. Whether you want to replace a damaged mirror or you hope to improve the appearance of your car, you have the freedom to choose between dozens of different designs or features. Some mirrors might be folding, while others come with heating facilities. The material is just as important, while carbon is by far the most expensive one. Practically, there is something for everyone.


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