Furai Le Mans Concept

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Furai is a concept future Le Mans racer. The idea with this project is to use 'salt water' to power the car. Its an idea that has already been put into practice with passenger cars but never on this global race stage. The goal behind this project was to create something aerodynamic but also cutting edge in its aesthetics and environmental impact.

An electrochemical reaction is used to power the car. Created by combining two liquids with metallic salts acting as the electrolyte. These solutions are then pumped through a fuel cell towards an anode or cathode electrode. This would in theory create the electricity that is then forwarded to super capacitors within the vehicle. The car would carry two 250 litre tanks giving it a good range and once you consider the exterior being completely manufactured in carbon fibre, the weight would be fairly low too.

It would be the first fully 'clean' racer and with the current production costs of producing fossil fuel racers, this would not be an extravagant cost hike. It could pave the way to incredible speeds at little environmental damage.

In addition to the fuel cells, its rear spoilers act like giant solar sails, each containing photovoltaic cells. It would create enough electricity to fuel most of its electronic interior components. As well as providing extra clean power, the spoilers would of course be used for their primary function of aiding the aerodynamics and providing good amounts of downforce.

The cockpit is also self contained - creating shell surrounding the occupant. As would be expected, safety is still paramount and this would help push the limits as to what is expected of a car of this caliber.

These ideas would combine to produce a Le Mans car that can be seen as a vision of the future. Perhaps by starting on the massive racing stage, it would then filter down into everyday life.


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    Ross Compton
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    I am inspired by the great designers such as Bertone and Michelloti. I use these influences and combine them with hyper modern trends and forward looking technologies.

    I want to help create a more green future but also a future that holds designs and creations that inspire people and add something to their lives.
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