Demicar, a Type of Car/Motorcycle Hybrid

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People around the world use cars and motorcycles every day. Cars are large, heavily sealed machines that isolate their occupants from the surrounding environment. Waiting in traffic or avoiding near accidents can quickly anger car drivers, partly thanks to the drivers’ detachment from their surroundings. Motorcycles are very open, but are relatively dangerous. Anything, from an uneven road to a strong gust of wind, can immediately become lethal for the rider. Motorcycles also require cumbersome, potentially expensive attachments for transporting large items or a passenger as easily as a car. The demicar seeks to eliminate these problems while being just as convenient as these two forms of rapid personal transportation.

The demicar will rival the car and the motorcycle in performance and utility through its mechanical and ergonomic design. The demicar will be a two-seater vehicle, but its occupants will be placed in-line to reduce the functional length and width of the vehicle to a size between that of a small car and an average motorcycle. The chassis of the demicar can be made in a three or four-wheeled format to encourage stability while still allowing for the handling capacity of a modern car or motorcycle. High performance models will have four wheels.

The demicar will be open-wheeled. The wheels will be positioned at the outermost regions of the vehicle footprint. Doing so will improve the driver’s visibility and aid precise handling. Small items, such as backpacks, will easily fit in the cabin. Larger items, like a box storing a printer or residential air conditioning unit will fit in one of several large-item storage areas surrounding the cabin between the wheels.

The storage areas will work in conjunction with the chassis crumple zones in order to improve the crashworthiness of the vehicle. The storage areas will also be modular, so that they can be replaced after an accident that does not damage the chassis.

The demicar will also feature a detachable hardtop with designated storage. The removable hardtop will allow the deimcar to provide an open experience along the vein of a motorcycle while still offering comprehensive weather protection when needed.


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