The Palm Premium Motor Spirit (Petrol) Biofuel

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Environmentally friendly palm petrol disclose the process of producing the high pour point palm energy, but not exclusively via estification of mixed fatty acids or fractional distillation of methyl of palm kernel oil. Palm petrol bio fuel causes less air pollution, does not dry off quickly fractionally combustion higher than petroleum derived petrol which make the engine performs better, it is cost effective and lasts longer.

Production cost of the fuel is minimal, since it does not involve the highly costly equipments. The bio fuel works successfully in all engines designed to use petrol fuel. The flash point is --43C.
We all assumed that the petroleum would soon dried off and disappeared, hence all necessary steps must be taken to start looking for an alternative fuel.

Global warming danger is what the whole world should start taking seriously because of the health hazard involved which is like a bomb that can explode anytime. Hence the whole world should go natural air that is free from sulphur, nitrogen aromatic contents contained in the petroleum derived fuels. Palm bio fuels and other bio fuels is the answer, but the palm bio fuel is the best, because most of the dangerous gas has been withdrawn from the atmosphere during the growth of the palm tree.

Availability of petroleum in the last century actually led to different automotive construction to different kinds of engine.

in order to achieve a lower of environmental pollution, we have to look into the possibility of improving the fuel composition to enable the fuel works longer and environmetal pollution free.

The invention relates to a bio fuel with hot temperature in consideration and without any additives. It relates to a bio fuel from palm kernel oil as a substitute for petroleum derived petrol.

Due to increasing environmental consciousness, the cocept of using vegetable oil as a fuel developed in recent years. The fluidity of a fuel in an engine or machine is very important under all circumstances, when starting up an engine from cold, it is vital that the mechanical parts are able to move freely and there is no dificulty in transporting the fuel through lines and pumps because the failure to do so will lead to blockage, the engine or machine may become inefficient and inoperable.

When fuel is cooled to low temperature, it can undergo a number of changes, namely, solidification, solidification with formation of a precipitate of macrocrystals and solidification with the formation of microcrystals which swell up, giving a crystalline structure that traps the remaining oil, and under these environment, restrictions in the flow of the fuel occurs.

Good low temperature flow characteristic (pour point) of a fuel is essential to ensure smooth poeration and to be suitable for various applications. Fuel is neccessary to have good pour point which is the temperature of the oil 30C above the point which the oil will not move when tipped out of the horizontal.

The pour point should be below the operational temperature.


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