Seat Of Car + Stretcher

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In a car accident, driver and passengers will suffer severe injuries; the injuries and damage to spine and spinal cord, impact on the skull, rib fractures, pelvis and leg fractures, shoulder bone and hands fracture, intra-abdominal injuries are considered the car crash injuries that can threaten the lives of driver and passengers. Instant decision-making and assisting victims can protect the health and lives of driver and passenger and reduce the injuries and damages.

In car accidents, due to ignorance and wrong withdrawal of victims from car and their inappropriate transportation at time of assisting driver and passengers, we will not only fail to help them, but we also aggravate injuries and damages to driver and passengers.

One of the terrible injuries is damage to spine and spinal cord that can cause irreversible losses if victim withdrawal is undertaken inappropriately. Now, we designed a seat car by which we are able to pull victim out from the car and transfer him to health centers. The car seat helps to carry and transfer driver and passengers appropriately and prevent injuries caused by inappropriate carry and transfer of the injured persons from being aggravated.

The seat functions as a stretcher and prevents the aggravation of damages and injuries of driver and passenger in accidents.


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