Single Motor Mechanical Power-split Transmission For Hybrid Car

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A hybrid transmission system has been designed that can use two sources of power either individually or combined into one to power a vehicle. Keeping the current technology in mind, it has been designed in such a way that it is powered by one engine and one motor. This system can be put to use in immediate future as the battery technology present today makes it difficult to store large amount of power, which limits the range and power of electric cars. There is only one motor and an engine used in this system which makes it different from all other existing systems where a separate generator is required apart from these two machines. This reduces the number of machines needed to make a hybrid vehicle. This transmission system can be extended to any future sources of motive power as well.

This invention is compact which allows it to be used in the form of a hybrid kit which can be incorporated into any present passenger vehicle. This hybrid kit can also be made into a OEM that can be optimised and tested before fitting into a car.

This invention uses planetary gear set and compound gears along with shifting mechanism to couple an engine and a motor in such a way that three modes- Engine only with regeneration mode, motor only mode and parallel mode are achieved. In the Engine only mode, the engine alone powers the vehicle while at the same time charges the battery pack by giving rotation to the motor in opposite direction making it to work as an alternator. The engine powers the planetary carrier, which in-turn rotates the ring gear, which is the output gear in all the modes. On the other side the shifting mechanism engages with the gear on the hollow shaft for regeneration. The reduction is applied to provide correct speed to the motor shaft. Sun shaft is kept stationary by the ratchet & pawl mechanism. In Motor only mode the motor alone provides the motive force for the car to move. The Motor powers the gear through the switching mechanism which is shifted to engage with the sun shaft. This gives rotation to the sun gear through the solid shaft, and hence the ring gear. Hollow shaft is kept stationary by the ratchet & pawl mechanism. In the Parallel mode, both the planetary carrier and the sun gear get rotation from engine and motor respectively but in opposite directions. This sums up power from both the machines. The shifter is in same position as in the motor only mode. This mode gives higher torque output and top speed. The inherent nature of the planetary gear set allows this coupling.



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