Automatic Dipper Giving Cars

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In every automobile, the function of the headlight is to illuminate the road ahead from a safe distance. At the same time, it should cause minimum discomfort for drivers coming from the opposite side. In order to achieve this, in every automobile a dip beam is provided in addition to high beam. But as the eyesight varies from driver to driver, many drivers go for more powerful headlamps instead of company fitted headlamps. Manual beam shifting is not being done satisfactorily due to variety of reasons, which includes sheer physical strain involved in operation of the dipper switch hundreds of times every night. Manual beam shifting also requires cooperation of vehicles coming from the opposite direction. The situation gets worsened on two way roads having no divider. The cause of many night accidents is the glare from oncoming vehicles which momentarily blinds the driver’s vision.

Automatic dipper giving cars consists of a photo detector sensor capable of detecting beam of light or diffuse beam of light from safer distance and able to give dipper to cars ahead without the intervention of driver. The photo detector can be mounted on the roof of the car from where it can detect the beam of vehicles ahead. As the system operates without driver interference, the driver can concentrate on driving. Main problem this automatic dipper giving cars solves is, it helps driver to concentrate on the road and reduces blind vision of driver due to glare of high intensity light beam. This system can reduce the night accident caused due to invisibility; able to boost the driver confidence to drive the vehicles at night.

This automatic dipper giving system is feasible for all vehicles including two, three, four wheelers etc. Day by day growing automobile sector and continuously improving government safety norms shows the immense market potential for this automatic dipper idea. This automatic dipper system can be mounted on the present running cars with least modification. The automatic dipper system can be manufactured with the help of current headlight manufacturers. Currently no car uses this kind of system but safety and security norms are in favor of this system. As the product includes a photo detector, cost is a little bit on the higher side but the mass manufacturing can greatly reduce the cost. The system can reduce the number of night accidents and automate the manual beam shifting which reduces the effort of driver. This automatic dipper giving system can improve the public safety and security by reducing the number of night accidents.


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    Increasing trend of night accidents due to invisibility.
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