Electric Self Rotating Wing

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I have taken the Self Rotating Wing & Applied Today's Tech. to the Concept! Not Only have I Improved it by Replacing Blades with Elec. Self,Propelled,Full Size Wings! I have a Neck Injury which Limited Me to Building an R/C Version as a Demonstrator. Only Tested 3 Times with Pitch problems on 1 & 2. But, It Lifted on #3 as a Wing Motor mount Failed. Vid. 4 Should be Much better. With Slightly Bigger Wings & Beefed up Motor mounts. Viis. of 1st. 3 Tests can be seen on Twitter, You Tube & on My Facebook Page. I'm Hoping to Upscale & Use any Small E.V. as a Cockpit/Power supply. It will make a Great UAV Lifting more with LESS Ounce Tweaked So Keep ABREAST of this Concept & Watch for Vid. #4. SOON! Hopefully by the End of the Month? I Covered 1 But, still have 3 Wings to Cover. Watch vid of Hillers Hornet & My GREEN & MEAN Hornet!


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    Charles Glazebrook
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    My Neck Injury, I can't use Public Trans,Potholes,& Sharp Turns Hurt! I Needed a more Comfortable form of Trans. It can be adapted for the Dissabled & Programmed for Driverless Operation! A Solution to Pollution & User Friendly with NO Tail Rotor Needed! It's Time to Revive the Improved S.R.W. NOW! Please Join My Revival, I Think Today's Helis. are Borderline DYSLEXSIC!
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