Vehicle Lateral Position Prediction

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Overtaking is one of the common actions that the driver performs while travelling on the road. Without enough information about the road, overtaking is dangerous and causes many accidents. Although overtaking is important, little research was done in this area. Especially, there is no research focus on helping the driver to judge whether it’s safe enough or not to do overtaking. The purpose of this project is to provide overtaking assistant service to help the driver to do the overtaking safely. From the proposed Overtaking Decision Assistant , the driver can easily determine whether the overtaking is safe or not.

Safety and comfort are two important aspects that must be achieved at the time of driving. The level of safety when driving can be improved by reducing driver (human) error. An auxiliary device is required by the driver to avoid an accident. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADASs) are systems designed to help the driver in the driving process. The Overtaking Assistance System (OAS) is a subsystem of an ADAS that functions by assisting the driver in the overtaking process.

The aim to design this technology is to assist the driver while overtaking to any other vehicle.

As the performance of vehicles has improved and prices have declined, vehicles are connected with human’s daily lives. With the growth of automotive manufacturing and sales, more automotive researches, especially with regard to automotive applications, is being conducted.

The design of the system helps driver to overtake another vehicle safely. In order to achieve this goal, an overtaking assistant service model based on a two-lane environment was constructed. The initial range of accelerations for Car A and the initial distance between Car A and Car B were recommended.

After analyzing the relationship between the overtaking interval and the different velocities of Car B and Car C, an overtaking decision assistant figure was proposed to help the driver make a decision on whether or not to overtake another vehicle. Overtaking assistant service is well provided by this overtaking decision assistant figure.

Overtaking is one of the common but dangerous actions that a driver can perform while traveling on a road. With the algorithm proposed in this paper, the driver can make a safer decision on whether or not to overtake another vehicle. As a result, the number of catastrophic accidents can be reduced.

The overtaking assistance can be said to be included in the relative new concept ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems). These systems are defined to support the driver e.g. adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning system and Scania driver support. There is not much work to find in the topic overtaking assistance and for the heavy segment is there nothing to find.

1. Its use in vehicles to assist the driver for the overtaking purpose.
2. Parking Lot Space Detection.
3. Lateral position detection of the vehicle

1. The system may fail on the curved road.


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