Four Wheel Steering System

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Normally all the four wheeled vehicles and heavy trucks have a steering system connected only to the front axle. My design is to have a system that connects both the front and rear axles, therby steering all the wheels of a car or heavy truck. The main benefit of this system is that it reduces the turning radius by around 30% (theoretical) than the conventional two wheeled steering. This can be made available n the existing vehicles depending on the need. This system is most suitable for transportation trucks which sometimes need to be driven through the city. By having a reduced turning radius, vehicle manoeuvrability is improved. The only disadvantage of this system is that it can be used only upto a speed of 60Kmph.

The system comprises a metal rod that connects the front and rear axles diagonally. When the steering is turned towards right, the front axle turns right which makes the rear axle to turn left by the metal rod. Due to this action, the vehicle turns with a lower turning radius than the conventional system.


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    Premnath Balasubramanian
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