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Every day, billions of people shop at their local department stores, but everyone runs on a tight schedule in a 24-hour world. Consumers spend hours searching aisles for a product they can’t find, scouring the store’s entire selection just for a pair of shoes. What’s worse, store displays induce consumers to buy loads of products that they don’t need. Even as self-driving vehicles become more common, consumers still have to spend time going to the store and searching through it to find what they’re looking for. While there’s online shopping, consumers must wait for days for their product to be sent from a store or a warehouse that may be in another state. These issues make people ask why they overspend so often or why there never seems to be enough time in the day for other things.

With the Shopp App, consumers won’t have to waste driving to or wandering around in stores anymore. First, a store will install the Shopp App into its computer system. The store will pay to receive a unique product key and installation instructions, and the app will also receive a daily commission based on a percentage of Shopp-produced sales. Once installed, every consumer who installs the Shopp App will be able to view the inventory at a nearby participating store. When the store receives the list of desired items in the signal, the store employees will know what the buyer wants. The store workers will load the items into a self-driving car, then the store will notify the customer via the app that the order has been completed. The car will then drive back home.

Unlike most shopping-related apps, the Shopp App doesn’t simply offer discounts or coupons, although it will note which items are on sale. Instead, the Shopp App will use the growth of future technology, that is self-driving cars, to remove the need to shop around different stores. Without the need to visit the store, people will have more free time to do better things than to waste so much time and money in a department store.


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